You’ve invested in training to support delivery of your new service, now it’s time to increase the client engagement and education on what they can really achieve by moving beyond a purely compliance relationship.

Client Health Check

Use this simple set of questions to identify the quickset wins for your client.

Example: Link to ‘Fact find’ document’

Evidence of delivering results

Do you have ‘Testimonials’ and/ or ‘Case Studies’ – if not we can help…. (link to E3)

Whats Your Guarantee

What’s Your Packaging / Pricing

Chat Heroes / FAQ’s

Website page content

You need to ensure information about your new services are outlined on your website and associated marketing materials. This might include news / blog articles

Example: link to good webpage.

Website ‘Call to Action’

Now you have them interested. What do you want your website visitors to do as a result – what’s your ‘Call to Action’

Example: example of enquiry webform

Email Marketing

Are you in regular communication….

Example: link to a series of email text

Social Media

If you are active on LinkedIn, Twitter etc. then you need something to say.

Example: link to a series of 12 posts to match to FIBO content – Factoids / ‘Did You Know’

Video Content

Create a short ‘Explainer Video’ to explain the key benefits of your nee service.

Example: link to video

Presentations / Webinars

You should consider running a series of information webinars for your clients / prospect’s.

Example: here are the 12 current titles

Fact Sheets: Services

Fact Sheets: Sectors

One fact sheet for each of the key 12 workshop titles. Also have the Top 10 issues ppt me and Mark delivered.

Example: link to more info