VFD Pro is delighted to announce that Utilitrack, the UK’s best kept Utilities Secret have been approved and added to the VFD Vetted and Approved Supplier List.

It is not an area we think about much, just another line on the overheads, but for some clients it is a significant expense. Have you ever paused to thing that some clients are paying way too much for their utilities, as much as 50% of even 50% for what is effectively a commodity?

Not surprising when you discover 90% of business owners never bother to check or renegotiate with their utility’s providers.

Utilities is clearly an opportunity for may business owners to achieve a quick win. But what most people don’t know is that in most cases they don’t even have to switch suppliers, pass any of the savings onto a third party or enter into any long-term contract.

Utilitrack, appeared too good to be true when VFD first discovered them so we did two things:

  1. We asked a number of our Accountant Partners to check them out.
  2. We asked Enquir3 to interview a number of their clients to discover what they had to say.

Other than being delighted at saving sometimes substantial sums of money, the overwhelming benefits clients enjoy relating to the time saved and the feeling of confidence knowing an expert is taking care of everything on their behalf.

When VFD first met Gerard Duggan, the founder and Managing Director of Utilitrack, we knew next to nothing about the way utility companies work, unlike Gerrard, his company wrote the software most Utilities Brokers use, so he really knows his stuff.

Taking the years of experience Gerrard and his team have, the Virtual Finance Director will automatically analyse your client’s financial data to highlight those who are in a position to renegotiate and reduce energy costs. The ‘Utilities Exception Report’ will only be generated if your client is not in a position to renegotiate yet, or their potential savings are too small to be worth the effort.

All you have to do is run to add clients to the VFD, something that takes just seconds and requires no technical skills or training, the VFD automatically generates all the reports for you. In other words, the VFD finds the needles in your client haystack, pinpointing the client’s worth speaking to, about what and the potential benefits.

All you need to do is to explain to clients what you can do for them, if they want to take action, point them in the right direction whilst taking all the credit. What would your clients say if you had just saved them several thousand pounds every year?

Find out which of your clients could benefit by reducing utilities expenditure.

To find out more about the Virtual Finance Director and how it can help you and your practice deliver more value for less cost, register for a free trial today or ask for a call back by using our Chat Service or contact form and one of our team will be in touch. It is really quick, easy and free, simply register for a free trial today by clicking here or ask for a call back by using our Chat Service or fill in the form here and one of our team will be in touch.