A huge thank you to Cliff Spolander of Business Optics for a very informative, educational and above all valuable insight into the world of the SME Business Owner and the challenges of selling your business and exiting on your terms.

My two ‘take-aways’ from the workshop were 1), start preparing for sale 5 years before your anticipated exit date and 2) Death is not an Exit Strategy, (not that one can do much with the second of these two ‘take-aways’, but I loved the phrase and it certainly focusses attention on the need to plan and take action early.

Cliffs words of wisdom are a natural part of the package goes along with the soon to be available VFD Pro IM, (or Information Memorandum, the document prepared by Business Brokers in order to sell a business, only the VFD Pro report is far more detailed and informative than the vast majority of IM’s which typically cost the business owner from £7,500 to prepare.

Click below to watch the workshop.