In partnership with AVN, training to grow your accounting firm

Recent research shows that 88% of accounting firms face challenges in at least one of these four categories: marketing, sales, productivity, and profitability. With such a significant proportion of firms struggling in these areas, it’s clear there’s a real need for support and guidance. Despite being highly qualified technically, many accountants have never been trained […]

Turnaround and Recovery Just Became Much Easier

With rapid action, many distressed businesses that would otherwise go into Administration could be saved, but only with a robust plan and rapid action, typically to improve the immediate cash position. Ideally you would go from a first meeting to agreeing a robust action plan in under 2 hours and start implementation immediately. As an […]

In Partnership with Funding Options

Funding Options is on a mission to help accountants increase their foresightedness when dealing with SME clients and help them spot the funding that could help power their growth strategies or better manage cash-flow. Accountants spend considerable time and energy advising their clients on how to combat cash-flow problems once they’ve arrived. But much like […]

Energy Bill Relief Scheme – further information

Please find a useful update from Gerard Duggan and the team at Utilitrack. The Government has provided more information on the energy support package for business. The Energy Bill Relief Scheme will provide, from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023, a discount on the bills of all businesses, charities and the public sector. The […]

Unexpected Ramifications – Not a lot of clients know this

A horror story you can help your clients avoid with a little bit of prior planning and provided you know how to help them. We all know some suppliers routinely check credit ratings before agreeing credit arrangements, this includes the Utilities sector. We also know business utility costs are going up by 100% to 200%, […]

Mastery Programme: Management Reporting Top Tips

This week our VFD Mastery Programme delegates were looking at two critical topics which apply to most businesses: Business Analysis & Opportunity Identification Business Start-Ups & Volatile Trading The led to a healthy debate about how to get clients to engage with the process. Engaged clients will see the value and be enthusiastic about doing […]

Big or Small, VFD is perfect for them all.

We were recently asked if VFD Pro could synchronise with Sage 200, the management team in this particular business were having trouble generating meaningful reporting and preparing a forecast for their business. Using two basic reports from Sage 200, they used VFD’s manual conversion tool to convert the reports and upload them to VFD to […]

Ensure your clients are using their headlights when driving in the dark

For most business owners, running a business is like driving a car at night without using any headlights. With good reporting, they will have a good idea of how they have got to where they are but will find it difficult to be certain they are heading in the direction they want to go. VFD […]

Digital Accountancy Show 2022

The VFD Pro are delighted to be teaming up with Tennick Accountants to deliver the ‘The Real ROI on Advisory’ session. In this reveal all session, award-winning accountant, Graeme Tennick, will be sharing the pains, gains, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to delivering advisory services at scale. Graeme will be joined by […]

VFD Pro Sponsoring Accountex 2022

We are in good company as sponsors of the Accountants in Industry Theatre at Accountex 2022. (Excel London 11-12 May 2022). Visit Accountex Day 1 Programme: Wednesday 11 May 3 C’s of Employment Law Jemma Fairclough-Haynes | CEO Orchard, Employment Law A must-have talk to equip employers about he basics and the latest requirements in […]

Better Meetings = More Value = Increased Fee Income… But how?

Client meetings that focus on the future and the potential for clients to increase profitability and the value of their business are invariably perceived as being much more valuable than the typical Year-End meeting that focusses on last year’s filed accounts and not much else – fact! If perceived as ‘more valuable’, this prompts some […]

VFD Mastery: Options for Every Stage of the Financial Advisory Journey

Until recently the VFD Mastery Training was an all-or-nothing 12-week programme that gave you and your team everything you needed to take clients from start-up to exit and everything in between.  You can now just put a ‘toe in the water’ with 1) Compliance+, before deciding if, how or when to expand your Financial Advisory […]

Making yourself indispensable to the buying or selling process with EVA

Whether part of the buying or selling team, you have a pivotal role to play in ensuring your clients achieve the best possible outcome. Our EVA suite enables you to support your clients through the entire process from financial due diligence to helping them achieve a desired valuation on exit and shaves days off the […]

Financial due diligence and offers made on three companies in one day

VFD’s EVA suite was recently used by a fast-growing Event Solutions agency in Hampshire to assess three businesses they were evaluating and potential acquisition targets. Having purchased businesses previously, and integrated them into the group they were painfully aware of the time and cost typically associated with assessing and valuing each business. Their CFO had […]

Elevate Client Meetings to a Whole New Level

The all-new Client Discussion Model could technically be described as an ‘issue and opportunity identifier and Agenda Builder’, it delivers so much more than simply building a Meeting Agenda with supporting Management Information.  It solves three main problems: It cuts the time to prepare to meet with a client to discuss future opportunities and challenges […]

FiMBO: Price Rise and Part of the Service or a One-Off Charged for Option?

As a strategy for Compliance clients, which makes more sense to you? To charge clients (and prospects), £300 to £600 to attend a valuable programme of Financial Education, or To offer Financial Education as part of your service, and increase fees across the board We will come back to that question in a moment because […]

BWP Inspire – Making a real difference to clients lives

Helping Owners use Financial Information to Build a Better Business. Meet Steve Price at BWP Inspire The Challenge – Getting Clients to Understand The Benefits Helping many clients at the same time, rather than one at a time is perhaps the best way to amplify the impact you can have on your clients lives and […]

Why you should upskill your clients on Managerial Finance

We have created the Financial Management for Business Owners (FiMBO) training programme to make it easy for you to provide your clients with the financial training they so desperately need and help you sell your Financial Advisory services. Why not join one of our weekly sessions which focus on the biggest challenges faced by SMEs. […]

Parlez-vous français, or do you prefer Z’s to S’s in your Organisation (Organization)

You can now present reports to clients in multiple languages and currencies (English UK, English US and French) and (£, $ & €). The following are already available in multi-language/currency: Business Overview Performance Analysis Management Report Customer Analysis Supplier Analysis Performance Trend Business Growth Model Client Segmentation Model Customer Targeting Model

Why not join us?

Fantastic to see more forward thinking accountancy practices added to the VFD Pro map. Improving the understanding of key financial data to deliver better business outcomes. Take out a free trial here.

New Business Growth Model Report with added Cash Flow

When business owners don’t understand how you can improve their lives, persuading them to value your ‘Financial Advisory’ is tough. When they understand the growth potential using their numbers, persuading them to invest in their future, paying for enhanced financial reporting and support becomes a walk in the park. In a matter of minutes you […]

Report Branding Controls

All of the reports and models VFD Pro generates have always been branded with your logo, your company details and your company colours, however, until now you were not able to change any of these details, but with release 1.10.1 that has changed. There is now an option on your VFD Pro portal that can […]

Why you should upskill your clients on Managerial Finance

We have created the Financial Management for Business Owners (FiMBO) training programme to make it easy for you to provide your clients with the financial training they so desperately need and help you sell your Financial Advisory services. Why not join one of our weekly sessions which focus on the biggest challenges faced by SMEs. […]

Now you can offer even more value to your clients using the VFD Pro Academy

Resources:Key VFD Pro reports and models supported by a video guide. This will help you identify, interrogate the reports and build the models – making your client meetings even more productive. Support:‘Release notes’ are added each time new functionality is available. Here you will also find the most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Modules:A full range of […]

Updated Report – Business Overview

The Business Overview Report has been updated and improved to include a Breakeven and sensitivity analysis section. This is a great way to help your clients (and prospective clients) understand why they should not focus purely on selling more, by highlighting how margin improvement impacts profitability. If you are ready to discover how VFD Pro […]

New Report – Marketing ROI

The all new Marketing ROI Report has been developed in response to user feedback. You can now advise your clients on the effectiveness of their marketing activity by analysing the impact it has on their customer acquisition and retention and the revenue it helps generate. The Marketing ROI Report analyses 7 key areas of activity: […]

Enhanced Customer & Supplier Analysis

Upgrade 1.6.4: New enhancements to your client’s Customer & Supplier Analysis Report If you are a portal user, when you next synchronise your clients and run reports you will see some brilliant enhancements to your Customer and Supplier Analysis reports all of which have all been based on the feedback we have received from users. […]

Now supporting QBO

QBO Is Now Supported By VFD Pro When you next ‘Add a Client’, to your VFD Pro Portal in addition to Xero and Sage, QBO is now an available connection option. QBO operates in exactly the same way as Xero, simply enter the company name, registration number, and reporting date, add the month of the […]

‘Free’ Connections Now Available

Upgrade 1.6.1: ‘Free’ vs ‘Paid’ Connections – Now Live Now you can deliver much more value to all your clients and as a VFD Pro subscriber, it won’t cost you a penny more. Every VFD Pro user can now deliver the incredibly valuable Business Overview Report to ALL their Xero and Sage 50 clients and […]

New: Performance Trend Report

The all-new Performance Trend Report can be used with any client, whether they have one month or one hundred months of trading history, allowing you to offer actionable insight, each month, right across your client base. As with all VFD Pro content, there is absolutely nothing you need to do to use the new report. […]

Because Death is Not an Exit Strategy

A huge thank you to Cliff Spolander of Business Optics for a very informative, educational and above all valuable insight into the world of the SME Business Owner and the challenges of selling your business and exiting on your terms. My two ‘take-aways’ from the workshop were 1), start preparing for sale 5 years before […]

Practice Your Delivery – The Utilities Report

Mastering a new skill takes practice, providing online workshops to present, explain, and answer questions is a great way to do just that. In fact, it is a huge win-win, not only do you get to engage with both clients and prospects, you practice, master your skills and when you are required to discuss the […]

Support for Sage 50 is now live

We are pleased to announce that you can now offer the full suite of Enhanced Management Reporting, Business Growth Advice and part-time FD services for your Sage clients as well as your Xero clients. The analysis and identification of ‘by exception’ opportunities to optimise overheads, improve margins and increase sales are also now available to […]

Should you offer a Freemium Service?

Even practices on the ‘Advisor Plan’ who are paying just £50 per month, can send all clients the incredibly valuable Business Overview Report for free. Is this a good idea? Could this be your Freemium Offering? The Business Overview Reports demonstrate to clients that you can offer much more… To see the report for yourself, […]

How VFD Pro helped Evoke and their clients deliver and receive more value

The Evoke team have an exceptional skillsets honed throughout notable careers at large multinational corporations. Their part-time FDs allow smaller businesses to benefit from a top level FD as an affordable, practical and economical solution. To deliver exceptional financial guidance outstanding FD’s need timely financial information on which to base their decisions. In a large […]

Introducing Evoke Management

Evoke Management commissioned a series of bespoke workshops for their entire network of Part Time Financial Directors and Business Advisors to discover how VFD Pro could help them spend less time analysing and reporting to enable them to deliver greater value for current and future clients. The first VFD Pro / Evoke Workshop took place […]

A fifth of smaller UK firms ‘will run out of cash’

Wednesday’s BBC headline: Coronavirus: A fifth of smaller UK firms ‘will run out of cash’, clients need help and you are almost certainly the only one they can turn to. Read the article here: Time is of the essence, businesses will need detailed financial and cash flow planning, to apply for funding support to […]

VFD Pro 3 Way Forecast Model – Online Workshop Video

The current crisis means more than ever, businesses need sound financial planning and that includes a robust forecast that reflects the current reality: The impact of Furloughing staff, putting VAT payments on hold (temporarily), delaying payment of corporation tax, payment plans for rental income, grants, the list goes on. The challenge of modeling the impact […]

CAMPARI – Lending Framework

The CAMPARI model (Character, Ability, Margin, Purpose, Amount, Repayment, Insurance) is widely used as a health-check for businesses when approaching a bank for lending. Helpful structure if you are applying for loans / funding. You will need a ‘business plan’, this framework is used by many lenders.

New Report: The Customer Exception Report

This report is the first of the ‘Top Line Growth’ exception reports and is generated when the combination of new client acquisition and client attrition indicates a future contraction in the total client base of the business is likely to happen if current trends continue. The report is generated on an ‘exception basis’, i.e. it […]

A More Intuitive Report Layout

Revised Report Layout: The reports will be presented in three sections: Enhanced Performance and Management Reports Business Growth Advisory Models Opportunity Exception Reports And there’s more… Reports: There are new reports available, specifically the Business Overview report and the Customer Exception reports. Delete Function: There is now an option to delete reports from the portal. […]

FREE One Page ‘Business Overview Report’

The Business Overview Report is a simple but incredibly useful one-page overview of your client’s business. This report has been created and added to the VFD Pro system to address requests from users who want the option to send a simple one-page summary report to all clients. This report can be delivered to all clients […]

Now Even Easier To Use With System Help Icons

Whilst the VFD Pro Portal is simplicity itself to use, it just got a whole lot easier with the addition of the ‘Info’ icon. Simply hover over the icon wherever you see a green ‘i’ and help text explaining what the feature or function does will appear

Accountants also use VFD Pro to understand their own financial performance.

Before discussing the VFD Pro reports, the financial models or the BI Dashboard with their clients, accountants who use Xero, frequently add their own business to VFD Pro. After all, the business they will know best is their own, and any data inaccuracies would immediately be highlighted. You would be amazed to discover how often […]

If you only read one thing… New Exec Summary

VFD Pro have now made it even easier for you to understand the opportunities and risks your clients are facing with their new executive summary added to the Performance Analysis. It’s simple layout makes it easier to exactly what needs to be focused on in order to improve business performance. CMO Daniel Plowright said: “whilst […]

More analysis carried out for our accountant’s clients whilst they sleep

VFD Pro have launched their first 2 opportunity exception modules (Utilities & Telecoms) which will automatically analyse every single transaction within a business and highlight whether or not there is an opportunity to improve profit. “Our Opportunity Exception Analysis combines programmed A.I. with industry expertise to ensure our customers are alerted whenever an opportunity presents […]

VFD Pro Launches Playbooks

New playbook now available for VFD Pro Performance Analysis Report with accompanying Accountants ‘User Guide’.

Burgis and Bullock – Breaking the Mould and Offering Their Clients Much More

When business owners receive an email from their accountant saying: ‘There are some very specific things you could do to improve your financial performance’, they pay attention… On Friday the 2nd August, Sean Farnell, a Partner at Burgis and Bullock Chartered Accountants arranged for a substantial number of clients to be added to the Virtual […]

An Easy Quick Win And A Great Partner: Helping Clients Save on Utility Costs

VFD Pro is delighted to announce that Utilitrack, the UK’s best kept Utilities Secret have been approved and added to the VFD Vetted and Approved Supplier List. It is not an area we think about much, just another line on the overheads, but for some clients it is a significant expense. Have you ever paused […]

Is it time to increase your prices?

Increase prices and your profits will soar, but how do you avoid the risk of losing or upsetting clients? It’s relatively straight forward really, find out if clients are delighted with the service you provide and if they score you 5 out of 5 for ‘Value for Money’, put the price up. Just one of […]