With businesses demanding greater proactivity from their professional advisors where are you in your journey to delivering and advisory service.

What does your practice need?

Whether you are just starting to explore the opportunity of delivering enhanced services to your clients, or looking for ways to improve existing advisory services VFD Pro can tailor a solution to support you.

  • Strategic Roll-out Plan:
    Target Revenue / Profit Activity Required to achieve target
  • Skills Training:
    12 Week Programme – 24 x 1 hour
  • Consolidation:
    Accountability / Mentoring / Coaching Weekly x 4, Fortnightly, Monthly+
  • FiMBO: (should this ready client engagement)?
    Train the trainer (CMs), Acquisition
  • Project Management:
    Communications, Pricing and Proposals

Strategic Planning:
A strategic planning session using the various VFD Pro tools to establish the full growth potential and activity plan for the practice. VFD do all the research, then we spend 90 minutes to 2 hours together to establish your 5-year plan for growth, and the resources needed to make it happen.

VFD Pro Advisory Mastery Program: (consider name change to include Advisory)
This is the online training course, typically delivered over 12 weeks, but due to Christmas will comprise 4 one hour sessions in Dec, 4 sessions in Jan and 8 in Feb and 8 in March. All sessions are recorded and those being trained are encouraged to request ad-hoc assistance if and when needed. (The training provides 24 hours certified CPD, increasing to 36 hours when the online competence tests are successfully completed).

This is critical for successful implementation and is delivered in 13 x 60 minute online meetings to deliver the following:
1. Ensure planned client meetings take place with clients weekly x 4, then fortnightly x 2, then monthly x 7 up to month 12 = 13 in total.
2. Improving Sales Discussions – helping team members improve their ability to deliver a compelling presentation of the practice’s services.
3. Delivering Post Sale – making sure the client experience lives up to expectations and where appropriate up-selling additional services.

Management Review:
To support client facing staff a number of things have to happen and without management focus things tend to slip, so the service includes 9 monthly management review check-in meetings to ensure co-ordination between all parties so all required activities are completed in a timely manner.

VFD Pro Platform (rather than software):
The bundle price includes unlimited use of the VFD Pro platform at no additional charge to allow the practice to deliver as much value for clients as possible without ever having to worry about the cost of doing so, even if it means having to provide some ‘free of charge’ services to onboard / upsell clients.

Financial Management for Business Owners (FiMBO):
The Financial Management for Business Owners (FiMBO) programme consists of 12 PowerPoint presentations with a full set of speaker notes. The time taken to re-brand all 12 decks is included, (typically 60 to 90 minutes per deck for someone familiar with the process).

Delegates will need to be able to book, receive confirmation and reminders with meeting links, (typical setup time: 8 hours), and also receive follow up communication after each workshop has been completed, (typical setup time also 8 hours). The support package includes doing all of this on your behalf, and or working with your staff or nominated supplier – all content is provided for you.

The package also includes a presenter who is familiar with delivering the FiMBO training programme to present for you, or with you, or simply to be on stand-by for the first 12 workshops, after which we anticipate your Client Managers will be able to confidently present the material.

Project Management:
There is a requirement for considerable project management and liaison between various parties to ensure content is added to the practice website to describe the Financial Advisory services the practice will offer, and to promote the FiMBO training course for online bookings.

In addition the practice will need to establish the list of products / services and the various options and prices – these will ideally end up in your chosen pricing software, all of this requires project management which is provided as part of the bundle to streamline your setup and deployment.

VFD Academy Platinum:
The Platinum VFD Academy package worth £299 per month and is included as part of the Bundle price. This includes tools essential for deployment and scale and includes everything included in the VFD Academy, fortnightly technical training, peer support, online help videos and more.

The Platinum VFD Academy also includes the Business Intelligence Dashboard, Demonstration Reports Branded using your practice colours, logo and contact details, and a Practice branded VFD Portal so your clients can logon to access the automatically generated reports (reducing servicing costs). It also includes 12 client satisfaction interviews to get structured feedback from clients: Testimonials, success stories and improvement suggestions.

Additional Academy Membership for Team Members:
This costs £10 per additional member / user per month and includes unlimited access to full in-person technical support and fortnightly technical training that provides an additional 24 hours of certified CPD per annum. It also includes ad hoc support to assistance with any client delivery issues.


What approach will you take?

There are many possible Financial Advisory services, including one off work such as Financial due Diligence Reporting, Forecasting and creating Funding Proposals, but in broad terms the recurring services bundles can be broken down into 4 main categories:

Financial Reporting

Efficient delivery of financial reports underpins the delivery of Advisory services to your clients. VFD Pro fully automates this process removing hours of manual work allowing you to focus on the added value of advise and guidance.

VFD Pro automatically produces a full reporting and business modelling suite directly from Xero, Sage, QBO and many other accounting platforms.


Skills Training / CPD

There is recognised need across the profession for training and development to support Client Managers. Business owners have an increasing expectation that their professional advisers will have a deeper insight in the business and be able to identify the opportunities and threats they face. Client Manager must be able to interpret the available information and bring these report to life. This is where the ‘real value in the numbers’ lies and a service businesses will gladly pay for.

The VFD Pro ‘Managerial Finance Mastery Programme’ was development specifically to address this need. The 12 week programme has been credited with raising team confidence, increasing skill levels and delivering significant increases in client fees.

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Implementation / Mentoring

If your practice is serious about offering advisory services to client’s you will need an implementation plan and ongoing support.

VFD Pro Academy members enjoy a range of support which includes…..

If required, VFD Pro’s team of coach / mentors will work with you to develop a rolling 90 day plan to speed up the implementation prcess.

Read more… (link to Academy Membership)

Business Owner Engagement

Don’t keep this a secret. .

Read more… (link to FIMBO)

Your Next Steps

If you are already comfortably delivering Financial Advisory services fantastic, you can be up and running with VFD Pro to deliver more value quicker in minutes, just click here to request a free trial.

If you are just starting your journey into Financial Advisory, don’t worry, we have a range of solutions to help you make sure your clients survive, thrive, grow and when the time comes, exit successfully.

How VFD Pro simplifies the delivery of Financial Advisory services

Due to the size of the opportunity, most practices start with a project team to lead a Strategic Roll Out, some look to start small and build from the bottom up.

I want ‘Financial Advisory’ services to be at the heart of everything my practice does.

I want to grow our ‘Financial Advisory’ offering.

I’m keen to deliver FA to my clients but not sure where to start.

I’m already delivering FA services but need support to make this repeatable and scaleable.

This isn’t for me and we will just stick with ‘compliance’ led services.

Your Investment and Potential ROI

Your investment will be determined by the following

Example: Full Support Programme

Small Practice

No. of Client Managers:   2

Monthly Investment:   £1,250

Estimated ROI:     10x

Medium Practice

No. of Client Managers:   5

Monthly Investment:   £1,250

Estimated ROI:     10x

Large Practice

No. of Client Managers:   10

Monthly Investment:   £1,250

Estimated ROI:     10x

VFD Pro Academy

Join like minded practices who are keen to develop their FA offering… What’s included

Practice Journey – Example #1

Practice Journey – Example #2

Client Managers




Mastery Training



Team Mentoring

Review Meetings

Reporting Platform

Client Training

Programme Management

Monthly investment





Annual Revenue Forecast