When business owners don’t understand how you can improve their lives, persuading them to value your ‘Financial Advisory’ is tough. When they understand the growth potential using their numbers, persuading them to invest in their future, paying for enhanced financial reporting and support becomes a walk in the park.

In a matter of minutes you can show clients exactly how you can help them make dreams a reality by improving profitability, equity value, and cash flow.

In addition to modelling the impact of the Six Growth Drivers: (Acquisition, Retention, Transaction No. and Value, Gross Margin % and Overheads), you can now model the impact improvements in Debtor Days, Creditor Days and Stock Days will have on their cash flow and hence their professional and their personal lives.

Plan the best way to drive growth AND manage cash flow for optimum business success, using the summarised P&L projection, and the high level cash forecast.

Further information about the ‘Business Growth Model with added Cash Flow’.

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