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Excel Integration

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Getting Started

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At this time you can produce the following from an Excel data import:

  • 5-year 3 Way Forecast
  • Automatically populated Funding Proposal

To do this you need to access the ‘Universal Funding Proposal’ that can be found in the ‘Business Growth Advisory’ section of your Demonstration Company.

‘Business Growth Advisory’ is the second of the three reporting categories for each client as shown below:

Simply download the Universal Funding Proposal Model, enable editing and macros and follow the instructions provided on the first tab of the model.

Excel Integration Questions

Outlined below are the most common questions relating to using Excel with VFD Pro. Please visit our full FAQ’s here.

How do I access the VFD Pro Dashboard?
Click ‘Login’ in the top right hand corner of any page and enter your credentials given when you set up an account.

How do I ensure my data is up to date?
Your data is not automatically synchronised if you are using Excel, you have to download the Universal Forecast and Funding Proposal model, export your last 5 years (or less), financial data from your accounting system and copy the Profit and Loss and Closing Balance Sheet data into the model.

How do I remove client data from the VFD?
Your client data is not saved to the VFD Pro Portal if you are using Excel, you download the model and work off line.

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