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Release 1.5.1 (Aug 20): Performance Trend Analysis

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Version 1.5.1

System Upgrade:  10th August 2020

All forecast & funding options are now included in one model.

The new ‘Forecast & Funding Proposal Model’ replaces the original ‘Forecast Model’ and the ‘Funding Proposal Model’. 

Users can still prepare a detailed 5-year P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow forecast (with all associated supporting schedules) and prepare funding proposals in line with the CAMPARI methodology used by lenders, all at the click of a button. 

In addition to all this, the following is also available as part of release 1.5.1:

Forecast at either a customer or sales nominal level – For some clients, it is appropriate to forecast at a customer level, for others it is more relevant to forecast at a sales channel (or nominal) level, with release 1.5.1 you can do either.

Measure performance against forecast – Provide additional support to clients by continuously reporting performance against the forecast you have helped them develop.

Prepare interim forecasts – Project existing performance forward for the remainder of the forecast period to assess the impact on profitability without having to prepare a revised forecast.

Enhanced sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling – As well as a detailed forecast you are able to demonstrate the impact variances to the forecast will have on profit and cash.

Enhanced Analysis

With VFD Pro, there is never any requirement for you to get your hands dirty in amongst the data. But, sometimes, you need to prepare additional ad-hoc analysis. 

To help you do this, we have made available, a multitude of data in the all-new Business Data Model and we are constantly adding data sources, so if you have a request for a specific data set please do let us know.

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System Upgrade:  29th July 2020

Support for Sage 50 Desktop added to the VFD Pro Protocols supported.

System Upgrade:  15th June 2020

  • Automate the process of emailing clients each time their reports have been updated*.
  • Providing clients with the ability to login to access reports avoiding having to email confidential financial information.
  • To make it easier for you to administer, clients will be able to set up and manage their own sub-users, for example, their management team.
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System Upgrade:  29th April 2020

Universal Funding Proposal Model and the updated Forecast Models are now available for you to use with all clients

The models automatically pre-populate and generated for each client as soon as you re-synchronise / update their data.

Examples of all models are accessible via the Demonstration Company* see below:

1.      How to access the Demonstration Company:

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In light of the Covid 19 crisis, the Forecast Model has been enhanced to deliver a totally new report, The Forecast and Funding Proposal Model that in turn delivers two outputs:

  • A 5 Year 3 Way Forecast:  Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecast.  Years 1 and 2 are detailed by month, whilst years 3, 4, and 5 provide the annual total.
  • If required, the 5 Year 3 Way Forecast Model can also be used to produce a pre-populated Funding Proposal that adopts the CAMPARI methodology as used by banks and lenders to assess lending applications.
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System Upgrade:  7th April 2020

The Forecast Model has been enhanced to make your life easier.

The three main changes made to Forecast model:

  • Enhanced treatment for VAT to account for VAT payment holidays.
  • Improved treatment of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
  • Enhance treatment of uncollectible receivables to ensure they are reflected in the P&L, VAT and Receivables calculations

System Upgrade:  29th March 2020

The upgrade is integral to improving your experience and moving from overnight to near real-time reporting. 

System Upgrade:  5th March 2020

1.         System Help Icons:

Intuitive and easy to use tips which make your VFD Pro portal more user friendly.

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2.         New Report: Business Overview Report: 

You asked for the option to send a simple one page summary report to all clients. 

We produced the ‘Business Overview Summary Report’ which provides everything you need to know about your client’s business on a single page. 

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3.         New Report: Customer Exception Report: 

Produced on an ‘exception basis’, if current trends within your clients customer base point towards declining profitability in the future the report is generated to highlight the future risk.

The report also provides a summary of marketing investments and related ROI. 

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4.         Demo Client with Anonymised Example Reports, Models and OERs: 

Every user on the VFD Pro Portal will now have an option to include a ‘Demonstration Company’ with examples of each report, model and OER.

Note: The ‘Demo Company’ is optional and by default is disabled. If you would like it enabled within your portal, please let us know

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5.         Revised Report Layout: 
With the addition of new reports we’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade the report navigation.

Reports are now presented in three sections:

  a. Enhanced Performance and Management Reports
  b. Business Growth Advisory Models
  c. Opportunity Exception Reports (OERs) 

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6.         HELP Option: 
For each opportunity identified by VFD Pro, the system can now make a ‘HELP’ option available. This provides a simple and streamlined way to connect your clients to a partner to help investigate or address a specific issue. Our objective is to make it easier to deliver an immediate bottom line impact to your client’s.

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