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Management Review Meetings

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Implementing Financial Advisory is a Change Management process and as anyone in business knows, Change Management is one of the toughest challenges we must deal with as managers.

To effectively manage a complex combination of interrelated activities across multiple teams and individuals, especially if it includes external 3rd parties is a time consuming and often frustrating process.

If you are implementing a new project for the first time and as a one-off setup project, it is nigh on impossible, or at best is likely to result in significant delays and/or the possible failure.

To provide you and your core implementation team the expertise and knowledge they need calls for regular project planning and status update meetings to ensure blocks and barriers are identified, discussed, and addressed from a management point of view.

The VFD Implementation Management Review Meetings are effectively Project Management check-in meetings between VFD Pro and your Project Manager or if appropriate your management team. Meetings take place monthly for 9 months to assist and support your Financial Advisory implementation and related roll out.

This allows you to draw down on our knowledge of what you need to achieve and the various support and resources available to support you, your implementation team and where appropriate your sub-contractors or other partners to minimise the time taken to deploy and thus maximise the probability of a successful deployment and a stunning ROI.

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