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There are a host of one-off activities that need to be implemented, tested, and communicated to successfully put in place the systems and processes to support your Financial Advisory deployment.

The list that follows is for illustration and is by no means complete, at last count there were over 54 separate tasks and activities than must be discussed, actioned, checked and signed off as part of a successful implementation:

  1. Relevant personnel need to be setup with appropriate access to your VFD Portal and the VFD Academy
  2. Relevant personnel need to be setup with appropriate
  3. The branding for your company needs to be setup in accordance with your brand guidelines:
    a. For the reports generated by the system, including your demonstration reports and models
    b. On the VFD Pro Portal when your clients or team members logon
  4. Your company details need to be setup on the VFD Pro Directory of Financial Advisory practices
  5. Your Business Intelligence Dashboard needs to be setup and appropriate permissions configured for staff
  6. You need to identify candidates for ‘Client Success Stories’ and case studies to be processed
  7. We need to brand your Financial Management for Business Owner (FiMBO) slide deck for your approval
  8. Website changes and relevant content need to be agreed and implemented for:
    a. To professionally communicate your range of Financial Advisory Services
    b. To allow clients and prospects to find, read more and book your FiMBO workshop series
    c. To setup and test the system for automating bookings, reminder and online meeting setup
    d. To ensure contact details are transferred to your nominated CRM system for client communications
    e. To ensure follow up emails are sent to clients / delegates who book onto the FiMBO workshops
  9. Marketing Communications for Client Engagement and Prospect Lead Nurture
    a. Ensure the email invitations sequence is setup and tested for FiMBO
    b. Agree who is to be invited and setup relevant automations to streamline communications
    c. Ensure prospects are moved to the appropriate automation when they book
  10. Organise presenters, back up presenters and guest presenters for FiMBO training dates
  11. Pricing, Proposals and Letters of Engagement
    a. Clarify the range of prices and options to be included in the portfolio
    b. Create product and pricing information for the website and to populate pricing proposals
    c. Ensure relevant content is added to the practice pricing software or systems
    d. Ensure staff know how to use and price for Financial Advisory services
  12. Financial Advisory Delivery and Related Management
    a. Agree, setup and implement appropriate management reporting for the practice in relation to delivery

To help you co-ordinate between staff, management, web developers, marketing providers and others we will provide you with an experienced Project Manager(s) familiar with everything that needs to be accomplished, who what success looks like, with access to the tools and support collateral you will need to support your implementation.

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