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VFD Pro Business Overview Connection

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What is included with the ‘Business Overview’ connection type

Unlimited use of the ‘Business Overview’ connection type is available to all paying VFD Pro users.

This allows you to provide high value for all clients at no additional cost to your practice for an unlimited number of clients.

Some practices choose to make this report (sometimes in conjunction with the Financial Management for Business Owner training part of a value-add service package.

What you charge your clients is entirely up to you, but for reference the typical range of fee income for practices who choose to charge for this report is from £45 per month for reporting only, to £120 per month for reporting (plus a quarterly review meeting to discuss business performance).

We suggest you use this report as part of a strategy to educate business owners on the value and usefulness of Management Information, a ‘Gateway Report’ designed to pave the way for an upsell to a more comprehensive management reporting and support service.

This connection type includes the Business Overview Report only.

For a more detailed summary of the Business Overview Report and its use click here.

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