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VFD Pro Strategic Rollout

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What is Included with the ‘Strategic Rollout’

This is the ultimate option if you want to have every possible tool at your disposal at one simple fixed cost for 12 months because it allows you to use the full suite of VFD Pro reports and models, including everything up to and including Grow & Exit with every single one of your clients.

The pre-discount value of this is £100 per client per month which means if you use this to engage with your entire client base, your potential savings are huge.

We know that in the real world it is extremely unlikely you would need or want to actually use the Five-Year Three-Way Forecast, Valuation Model or Financial Due Diligence Reports with all clients, however, having these available for you to use and discuss with clients at any time, and at no additional cost maximises your chances of convincing clients of the value of your services.

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