Financial due diligence and offers made on three companies in one day

VFD’s EVA suite was recently used by a fast-growing Event Solutions agency in Hampshire to assess three businesses they were evaluating and potential acquisition targets. Having purchased businesses previously, and integrated them into the group they were painfully aware of the time and cost typically associated with assessing and valuing each business. Their CFO had […]

Elevate Client Meetings to a Whole New Level

The all-new Client Discussion Model could technically be described as an ‘issue and opportunity identifier and Agenda Builder’, it delivers so much more than simply building a Meeting Agenda with supporting Management Information.  It solves three main problems: It cuts the time to prepare to meet with a client to discuss future opportunities and challenges […]

FiMBO: Price Rise and Part of the Service or a One-Off Charged for Option?

As a strategy for Compliance clients, which makes more sense to you? To charge clients (and prospects), £300 to £600 to attend a valuable programme of Financial Education, or To offer Financial Education as part of your service, and increase fees across the board We will come back to that question in a moment because […]

BWP Inspire – Making a real difference to clients lives

Helping Owners use Financial Information to Build a Better Business. Meet Steve Price at BWP Inspire The Challenge – Getting Clients to Understand The Benefits Helping many clients at the same time, rather than one at a time is perhaps the best way to amplify the impact you can have on your clients lives and […]