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Business Growth Model

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The Business Growth Model is a concise yet powerful scenario planning tool to support strategic decision making and it is invaluable for you and your clients: Using the Business Growth Model with your clients helps them to fully appreciate what you can do to help them be more successful which helps them quantify the value of your services. Affordability is frequently cited as a reason not to invest, for the right business, and when used appropriately, the Business Growth Model will move your client from ‘Can’t afford’ to Can’t afford not to’ in a matter of minutes.

Typical Use: Used when first discussing the benefits of better management and financial control with a client or a prospect to quantify the growth and potential to improve cash flow. The Business Growth Model is also used as a scenario planning tool to very quickly explore various growth strategies to select the combination of key business growth drivers that will deliver the greatest profit impact.

Making the Future Real: The Business Growth Model is above all a ‘future reality visualisation tool’ to help you and your client understand the full potential in their business, and exactly which business growth drivers have to be worked on to make it happen. This is a logical tool to use and a natural pre-requisite to your client seeing the value in, and being prepared for a full planning / forecasting service.

Picture of the front cover of the Business Growth Model, an incredibly powerful, yet incredibly easy to use tool to aid scenario planning to explore and highlight the financial impact of various growth strategies: Revenue, Profit Margin, EBITDA and Cash Flow.

Example Model

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Business Growth Model

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