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Client Segmentation Model

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The Client Segmentation Model: For the vast majority of businesses, there is tremendous potential in their existing customer base, and this is likely to be the fastest, easiest way for you to help your client identify and exploit quick-win growth opportunities, and to help you demonstrate the power and the benefit of effective financial planning and forecasting.

Typical Use: When you first engage with a client to discuss and explore growth opportunities, the Client Segmentation Model is a powerful tool to identify existing clients and the products / service they currently purchase allowing you to plan and project future plans and strategies for growth. This is a typically a precursor to the development of a full blown sales forecast and related Three Way Five Year Forecast and if required, Funding Proposal.

A Plan for Growth: The Client Segmentation Model provides you and your client with a clear, logical structure to establish realistic, achievable sales projections that fully take into account both the resources required to achieve the plan and the projected growth in gross and net profit as a result of successful implementation.

Example Model

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