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Customer Targeting Model

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The Customer Targeting Model automatically extracts, analyses and pre-populates your model with the detail of exactly which customers purchased how much and of which products/services in the last 12 months to provide you and your client with a clear start point in your sales planning process. The Customer Targeting Model then provides you with the ability to work on various ‘what if’ scenarios to model the impact of attrition, increased sales to existing customers, the impact of expanding the product portfolio and the addition of new customers.

Typical Use: This is ideally used to support the budgeting and forecasting process to establish either sales targets, by customer and by product for your client and their sales team, and/or to establish the top line of the sales forecast, by customer or by nominal as the first part of the process of generating a Five-Year Three-Way Forecast.

Informed Projections for Next Year: The Customer Targeting Model puts you in the driving seat when it comes to putting more detail into the initial stages of the planning and forecasting process. Rather than a vague ‘finger in the air’, it allows you to accurately extrapolate and project the impact of customer attrition, to map exactly which customers and products need to be focussed on to increase sales to existing customers and estimate the impact of expanding the product portfolio and new customer acquisition.

Picture of the front cover of the Customer Targeting Model, a powerful business growth planning and ‘Gap Analysis’ tool to identify opportunities to sell more to new and existing customers to generate a sales forecast broken down by customer and by product.

Example Model

To access the ‘Customer Targeting Model’ please request a free trial of the VFD Pro platform – click here.

The model is available within the ‘Demo Reports’ area of your VFD Pro portal.

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