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Forecast & Funding Proposal Model (Customer)

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The Forecast and Funding Proposal (Customer) Model is automatically pre-populated with the last 2 years trading data with sales by customer, (if the information is available). This allows you to work through the process of forecasting sales, cost of sales and overheads with your client. You then augment this with projected balance sheet and working capital assumptions to create an incredibly detailed forecast: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

Typical Use: This is used to create a Five-Year Three-Way Forecast for established businesses with a trading history who record sales by customer, (typically B2B). The model can be used to explore and forecast various scenarios as part of a planning process. If your client needs to apply for funding, the model can be used to generate a CAMPARI compliant Funding Proposal and perhaps most important of all, it can be used to generate regular Performance vs Forecast Reports.

Planning for Success: The Forecast and Funding Proposal (Customer) Model is the ultimate tool to make you and the support you can provide for clients invaluable and indispensable. Every business needs a plan, and to be successful, effective Management Control calls for regular reporting and review of Performance vs Forecast, something that should be repeated monthly and reviewed annually (or whenever there is a material change in business circumstances.

Picture of the front cover of the Forecast and Funding Proposal Model for businesses recording revenue by customer. This Forecast model is used to project the next 5 years Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet from which a pre-populated CAMPPARI compliant Funding Proposal can be generated. The Forecast and Funding Proposal Model is also used to generate monthly management reports detailing Performance vs Forecast

Sample Model

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The model is available within the ‘Demo Reports’ area of your VFD Pro portal.

Model Overview


Historical Performance

Sales Forecast

Cost of Sales Forecast

Overheads Forecast

Balance Sheet Assumptions

General Cash Flow Assumptions

VAT Assumptions

Accounts Receivable & Payable Assumptions

Preparing a Forecast Report

Comparing Actual Performance to Forecast

Preparing a Funding Proposal

Completing a Funding Proposal

Table of Contents