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Management Report

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The Management Report provides a summary of ‘This Year vs Last Year’ performance information allowing you to immediately highlight and quantify both positive and negative performance trends in your client’s financial performance, including an overview of the key drivers of business success, sales, cost of sales, overheads, and key balance sheet ratios.

Typical Use: To help your client track business performance as part of a regular review meeting for businesses based on the account lines within the P&L and Balance Sheet, for whom it is not appropriate to report financial year to date via the Board Summary and Board Report.

What’s Working, What’s Not: The Management Report provides you with you and your clients a quick and easy way to pinpoint the areas and issues that require management attention

Picture of the front cover of the Management Report. A seven-page summary of business performance comparing the most recent 12 months with the same period the prior year to support monthly management meetings

Example Report

An example of the ‘Management Report’ can be accessed here.

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