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Marketing ROI Report

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The Marketing ROI Report does all the heavy lifting when it comes to extracting data, analysing sales and marketing expenditure and the related return on investment, and presenting related Management Information in a concise and easily digestible manner. The Marketing ROI Report also provides a profit and loss extrapolation to show what will happen if (all other things being equal) the number of new customers acquired, and the rate of customer retention remains the same over the next 5 years

Typical Use: To help clients identify and understand if their marketing ‘investments’ are delivering a positive return and to facilitate a ‘what if’ discussion to explore the potential to redeploy marketing ‘investment’ more wisely.

Improving Marketing ROI: You want clients to know and appreciate that when it comes to finance you have everything covered. Marketing and Finance are frequently at loggerheads due to a lack of common language and understanding. At the end of the day, you and your client want to be sure they are investing their hard earned cash as wisely as possible, The Marketing ROI Report helps you deliver an additional Wow, and a greater ROI on your own services, making you even more invaluable.

Picture of the front cover of the Marketing Return on Investment Report detailing the total sales and marketing expenditure and key information regarding the ROI in terms of new and existing customers and sale income received from new customers versus marketing expenditure including detailed analysis of the expenditure history with the top 5 suppliers.

Example Report

An example of the ‘Marketing ROI Report’ can be accessed here.

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Marketing Return on Investment

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