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Non-Financial KPI Model

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The Non-Financial KPI Model is available on the ‘Advise & Grow’ and ‘Grow & Exit’ connection types.


Typically, only using financial KPIs means that you’re internally focused and probably concentrating more on the short term rather than the long term, because you’re focusing on where you came from. Non-financial KPIs won’t represent the whole picture because they don’t represent the entire business activity.

Typical Use

You can use both financial and non-financial KPIs, either individually or combined, to get a much better view on where the business is heading. You’re no longer just keeping score, not just looking back, but looking at how you can move forward with a better understanding of how the business as a whole is performing.

The non-financial KPIs will help provide context to the to the numbers that you see in the accounts. They won’t necessarily be expressed as currency, but they will have a numerical value and they’re a lot easier to link to a business’ strategy.

Example Model:

To access the ‘Non-Financial KPI Model’ please request a free trial of the VFD Pro platform – click here.

The model is available within the ‘Demo Reports’ area of your VFD Pro portal.


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