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Opportunity Exception Reports

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Opportunity Exception Reports are only generated when specific conditions are identified in your client’s financial data, so these ‘Management by Exception’ reports give you the opportunity to truly exceed your client’s expectations by helping them identify and capitalise on opportunities that most businesses totally miss.

Typical Use: There are typically three ways you can use the Opportunity Exception Reports: 1) for clients already paying for Part-Time Financial Controller services, they provide added value and opportunities to deliver tangible quick wins to remind clients of the value you provide, 2) for clients who have yet to ‘see the light’ they provide additional reasons to meet, highlight the issue identified and explore other things you can do to help them and 3) you can use them as a way to identify those of your clients with specific issues and then invite them to related webinars or seminars.

Leave No Stone Unturned: Prove to clients that you have their back to further re-enforce your position as their ‘most trusted advisor’, the Opportunity Exception Reports provide you with a unique opportunity to continually be seen to be going the extra mile, ensuring your clients never feel they have to look elsewhere for help with their Financial Management.

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