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Performance Analysis Report

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The Performance Analysis Report provides an incredibly detailed overview of the last two years trading, detailing all the key business performance metrics. highlighting exactly what is happening within your client’s business, allowing you to help your client understand exactly how their business is really performing.

Typical Use: When you need to quickly understand exactly what is happening in a business, as soon as you are familiar with it’s structure and content, the Performance Analysis Report instantly highlights and pinpoints numerous opportunities and threats to explore with clients. This is ideal for businesses with more than two years trading history and a stable trading pattern, for start-ups and businesses with less than two years financial data refer to the Performance Trend Report.

Clarity and Understanding: The Performance Analysis Report gives you and your clients an immediate insight into numerous opportunities for growth, for risk mitigation and for cash optimisation, making it easy for you and your team to help clients improve their business in a tangible and transparent manner.

Picture of the front cover of the Business Analysis Report, up to 15 pages of detailed analysis and reporting of the financial key performance indicators (KPIs) to aid management and financial understanding of a business – typically used for an initial or periodic performance review.

Example Report

An example of the ‘Performance Analysis Report’ can be accessed here.

Report Overview


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Executive Summary

Revenue Analysis

Customer Analysis

Revenue Channel Performance

Margin Analysis

Overhead Analysis

Profit Analysis

Forecast Extrapolation

Balance Sheet Analysis

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