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Performance vs Forecast Report

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The Performance vs Forecast Report is generated from the Forecast and Funding Proposal Model to provide your client with an up-to-date performance overview that reports on actual performance compared to forecast performance in the period. The report itself is ideally produced each reporting cycle, (e.g., monthly), to re-forecast revenue, overheads and margin rate to provide a ‘Revised’ forecast to year end.

Typical Use: This is the key report that makes up part of your client’s Financial Management Pack used to track and report on performance. By highlighting and focusing the areas of the business that are behind forecast, management meetings become highly focused, efficient and productive.

The Ultimate Management Control: The Performance vs Forecast Report makes you a critical part of your client’s management process because without the pre-requisite information and you or your team to help the client correctly interpret the information it contains, your client cannot manage without you, making this the ultimate tool as part of your strategy to become an indispensable part of your clients’ business and their future success.

Picture of the front cover of the Performance vs Forecast Report, the ultimate in financial management and control providing unparalleled financial insight to help progressive management teams fully understand what is happening financially within their business as a key part of their monthly reporting and management processes.

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