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The Board Report complements and is used in conjunction with the KPI reporting format adopted by the Board Summary Report, going into much more detail and breaking down performance to provide a detailed analysis of revenue, margin, overheads, and net profit, and highlighting opportunities and risks within customers and working capital.

Typical Use: To support a detailed management review, for example quarterly / 90-day planning meetings where a thorough understanding and appreciation of performance year to date, quarter by quarter is critical to effective and efficient management decision making.

What’s Working, What’s Not: The Board Report provides you and your client with a clear summary of where the issues are and where management attention is required by focussing on, and reporting on performance year to date. The Board Report also provides a clear overview of the drivers of profitability in the most recent year compared to the same period 12 months prior.

Picture of the front cover of the Board Report is a Year-to-Date report providing management with a highly detailed analysis of business performance and is ideally suited to support a business quarterly management review meeting.

Example Report

An example of the ‘Board Summary’ can be accessed on the link below.

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