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Performance Trend Report

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The Performance Trend Report is optimised to provide a detailed insight into recent business performance as opposed to this year vs last year or year to date comparison. This makes it the perfect tool to identify and understand trends, opportunities, and threats in the recent past and it a perfect complement to the ‘this year vs last year’ view provided in the Performance Analysis Report. Analysis of trends this month vs last, this quarter vs the quarter before, etc. provides an invaluable tool to help clients quickly identify and respond threats and / or exploit opportunities that would otherwise be hidden in the raw financial data.

Typical Use: This is an invaluable part of a monthly financial review meeting, allowing you to bring to your client’s attention issues they need to be aware of and/or respond do. The Performance Trend Report is the perfect Management Reporting tool for start-ups and for businesses who have recently changed accounting systems without the financial history, or those who have restructured their chart of accounts to enhance reporting. It is also particularly valuable for businesses experiencing volatile trading patterns.

Early Identification of Opportunities and Risks: The Performance Trend Report gives you and your clients an unparalleled insight into the short term trends and risks at the earliest possible stage to help your client jump on and exploit opportunities and to quickly and effectively mitigate risk at the earliest possible opportunity.

Picture of the front cover of the Performance Trend Report which provides up to 12 pages of granular analysis and reporting of the financial performance indicators (KPIs) to aid management and financial understanding for start-ups and businesses experiencing volatile trading conditions – ideally used to support monthly management meetings.

Example Report

An example of the ‘Performance Trend Report’ can be accessed here.

Report Overview

Performance Trend Report (Introduction)

Performance Trend Report (Revenue & Customer Analysis)

Performance Trend Report (Margin, Profit & Balance Sheet Analysis)

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