As businesses grow, the importance of robust financial management and control becomes ever more critical to success. Whilst most SME’s neither need, nor can they afford a full time Finance Director / CFO and a full-time financial team, they still have the same needs: Direction, Credit Control, Bookkeeping, and Financial Analysis and Reporting…

The only practical way owners of a growing business can obtain these services is to outsource and/or engage the services of a part-time FD / CFO to help them establish the financial management reporting and controls they need. The only profession able to provide the support SMEs need in this area is Accountants and the opportunity, and potential fee income is vast.

At it’s core, the Finance Director / CFO’s role is to help the owner and co-directors to establish their strategic and operational financial plan. The financial plan must be created as a joined up, three way forecast that details the projected sales, costs and overheads, the P&L along with the associated assumptions to project Cash Flow and Balance Sheet in the coming years.

Ideally, supported by their part-time, or Virtual FD / CFO, the business will explore various strategies and potential scenarios to establish an optimum growth plan for the company to adopt. Thereafter the part-time , or Virtual FD / CFOs role is critical to the effective ongoing management of the business, comparing actual Performance vs Forecast and preparing the Management Pack to support Board and Management Meetings.

The suite of VFD Planning and Analysis tools combined with the Forecast and Funding Proposal model are both uniquely powerful and ridiculously easy for an Accountant to use, delivering far more output and value in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

This package includes:

Optional Training and CPD

Given the financial training and expertise you and your team have already acquired, combined with the VFD Mastery Training, helping clients correctly interpret and act on the information contained in their Management Reports will very quickly become second nature.

Recommended Training Modules:  Compliance+, Management Reporting, Forecasting + Virtual FD / CFO

Your Guarantee

You can be up and running in less than a day and everything comes with a 90 day, 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, how could it be any easier.

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